Remodeling your bathroom

This is a great way to improve the value of your home and it is always nice to have a fresh new look in some of the rooms in your home where you spend a lot of time. At Hardey Tile, we know how to handle any bathroom remodeling project, and can offer innovative new solutions to give you the space that you need. We can provide innovative ideas on different types of cabinets, flooring bathroom fixtures, lighting and toilets or showers and tubs. If you are on a budget, we can give you several options to choose from that will work within your means.

D├ęcor for your bathroom is just as fun as picking out all of the essentials for your bathroom. You can choose a color scheme to work from and get your paint, rugs and accessories to all match up. Again, Hardey Tile can and will help with this part of the process and help you give your bathroom a great face-lift.

How Much Will My Bathroom Cost?

Adding a bathroom, or transforming existing baths can bring a 70% return on investment, should you sell your home. Besides, your own comfort is priceless, the return on investment is daily, and you will feel completely rejuvenated when you relax and renew in your new bathroom. Since we are with you from design to detail, we can provide cost and deliver the best quality and features possible for your budget.

Bathroom remodeling is remarkably affordable

Bathroom Remodeling projects range from your basic needs to carving out a powder room or guest bathroom, to regenerate utility with style. Together, we re-imagine possibilities for relaxation, comfort, and convenience!

"Your Dream Is Our Job!"